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As a former Laney amp tech, I have fixed many tube amps during the time spent at "MDG" , the only Laney-authorized distributor for the US market, I have also worked on EBS line of bass amps & pedals, misc Fernandes stuff & other pro-audio & lighting equipment while I was there .. I later ventured on my own and did amp repairs in my spare time as a hobby and a side business .. I am also happy to be endorsed by "PsychoPrism" one of NewYork's finest metal bands .. as I was the *official* amp-repair tech for the band...




Other Bands / Artists I worked with or helped:







Tube Amps & Pro-Audio repair ...
Effect processors, pedals & Pro-Audio I have repaired or modified:
Line6 Pod 2.0 processor (fixed input buffer issue)
Korg Pandora Px1 (fixed PCB - SMD level rework)
Behringer V-amp2 (fixed PCB rom & power section)
Boss MT-2 "metalzone" stomp box (FET issues)
Many EBS bass effect pedals (mixed issues, power or preamp issues)
Boss BE-5 multieffect pedal (fixed chorus circuit)
Visual Sound double trouble (modded the gain for blues)
SHURE UHF wireless mic & receiver(custom mods)
Behringer EuroLive 212B powered speaker(power issues)
ONKYO TX-NR708 AV processor(hdmi sound problem)
Zoom G1X multieffects mod (added 12ax7 tube preamp stage)
Boss DD-2 Digital Delay pedal (fixed no-power issue)
Yamaha QY20 Sequencer (fixed no-power issue)
Boss Super Chorus CH-1 (fixed a dead pedal)
Ibanez AD9 (Analog delay-fixed dead pedal)
Line6 POD 1.0 (fixed no sound issue-replaced AK4520 codec ADC/DAC chip)
Digitech DF-7 "distortion factory" - fixed dead pedal

Keyboard synthesizers I have repaired:
Alesis Micron synth (display issues)
M-Audio Axiom25 midi ctrlr (keys response issues)
Roland D5 synthesizer (button issues)
Casio CZ5000 synth (power circuit issues)
Roland JV-30 (fixed dead board & rom issues)

Tube amps I have repaired so far (this list is always growing ..) :
Many Laney Cub10's heads & combos (power cut off problems)
B-52 AT100 head (power issues)
Laney GH50L (no output)
Laney VC30 (power cut off)
Laney LC50 (overheat issue)
Marshall JCM900 combo (power issues)
Marshall Plexi clone (power issues)
Peavey Triumph60 head (power cks rework)
Peavey Vypyr75 (PCB issue)
Mesa Boogie triple rectifier (re-bias & preamp issue)
Fender blonde era Bassman (power issues)
Fender Pro Jr (power issues)
Fender Blues Deluxe (re-biasing)
Crate powerFlex120 SS head (intermittent distortion issue)
Crown 100w SS power amp (power transistors issues)
Epiphone SS Studio 10 (power issues)
ADA MP-1 tube preamp (PCB issues)
Carvin T100 power tube amp (power issues)
Ampeg SVT V9 - 1975 (power issues-no output)
Fender SS Bassman 200 (intermittent problems)
Another Peavey Triumph60 head (power issues-ribbon cables & PCB rework)
Fender Hot-Rod Deluxe (PCB issues, leaky caps, shorted jacks & re-biasing)
Vintage "Pilot 240" preamp/Amplifier (power section repair & 3prong upgrade)
Vintage "H.H. Scott" stereo power tube amp, 314 tube tuner (complete maintenance)
Another Fender Hot-Rod Deluxe (PCB issues, power tubes & re-biasing)
RIVERA Fifty Five Twelve (PCB issues & hum problems)
Fender Pro Reverb 2x12 combo (total maintenance)
Fender Twin Reverb 1967 -- (full recap job / 3prong upgrade)
Marshall JCM2000 TSL100 (general maintenance & FootSwitch cable/plug rewiring-retrofitting job)
An old Univox U4100 SS (3 prong upgrade)
Roland Jazz Chorus 120h head (fixed distorted left channel)
Egnater Tweaker 112 combo (fixed dead output)
Ampeg BA-115 (fixed crackling noise)
Ampeg Gemini V model GV-15 (fixed dead channel one)
MusicMan 112RD combo (restored a completely dead & beatup amp-brought back to life!)
MesaBoogie Single Rectifier/Rect-O-Verb (check up PCB / overhaul)
Ampeg PortaBass800 (fixed dead unit-mosfets)
Fender Ultimate-Chorus 2x12 combo (fixed power section)
Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 30-R (fixed op amps issues)
Fender Blues Jr (PCB re-work, 3prong upgrade)
Peavey Classic 30 combo - fixed dead unit - (thermal overheat)!

and the list goes on ...

If you have something you want to have repaired, just email me ..
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