My   Original   music . . .
My original tracks and compositions (for TV, film and commercials..etc)

These instrumental original tracks below are copyrighted by NaderGator, but they are free to use for (non commercial use) with a mention of the author (NaderGator) .. feel free to download and use for YouTube videos, Facebook, Presentations ..etc

For FULL COMMERCIAL USE, please contact me for a lease-license or exclusive rights or purchase. Or just check out my BEATS on beat-outlets and other platforms.

Copyright 2019 by NaderGator
All rights reserved. This Album/songs/song ideas/guitar riffs ..etc or any portion thereof
may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the permission of the author. This is copyrighted material already.

Member of BMI (Performing Rights Organization)
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Currently "Published" songs: (Spotify, iTunes, YouTube..etc)

if you are a DJ or radio station and want to SPIN these on your show, just download the mp3 below and tag me on Facebook

Just so I know where my music is being played-I would greatly appreciate that :)

All my songs are originals, registered with BMI and copyrighted - Just an FYI ;)

My previously "published" album in 2019

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