2021 News...


* Nov-Dec working on a few original songs (lyrics and melody) and a music-video idea..

* Oct 24 Invite to attend Sync Con for music in film and TV conference in Hollywood, CA

* Oct 12 Performed a few cover-songs at La Hacienda Restaurant, Morgan Hill, CA

* Oct 9 Open MIC at Cafe LIFT , San Jose, CA

* Oct 4 Open MIC at Hub's Coffee, Campbell, CA

* Sep 4 Hosted a charitable Open-MIC event at Dash Coffee and Bakery , Fremont, CA

* July 10  NaderGator back on the  "TOP 10" charts at ReverbNation

* May 20 Social media invite from a Gilroy,CA band to join as a vocalist / singer for "classic rock" genre

* May 3 Social media invite from SF agent/artist manager to enhance artist portfolio and EPK

* Apr 28 Invite to be featured on guitar in an original song by a Monterey,CA based band

* Apr 23 On the run instrumental ranking high on "Radio-Air-Play (Jango)" charts ..

* Apr 19 Joined the ISSA "International Singer-Songwriters Association"
* Feb 10 NaderGator ranking the "TOP 10" charts at ReverbNation

* Jan 24 Attended Winter NAMM 2019

* Jan 22 Finished and released my "very first" instrumental (new age) guitar-album titled  "Reflections"

* Jan 10 Cover song "BIG LOVE" ranks #8 on the charts of Hearthis.at worldwide-music-streaming-app

* Invite for submitting tracks to ITNS Radio and SWC for promotional purposes

* My cover songs on FanBurst reached over 4000+ plays (which is now Audius). Thanks everyone :)

* Received invitation to participate in  "The Extreme tour 2019" for touring the USA and possibly worldwide

* Social media invites to remaster some of my cover songs by MAC Arthur productions-Jeff Mac Music


* Invite to make video-clip of one of my cover-songs from a local music production studio, for social media promotional purposes - did not do it, as it would be very costly

* Got email correspondences from music producer in Los Angeles to join their boot camp for vocal training

* Collaboration with local band for working on some Indie Rock/Music/Originals and performing some cover songs

* Social media invites for joining some "internet radio outlets"

* Social media invites for joining "Boostrecords.com"

* Attended NAMM 2018

* Working on some cover songs and music ideas here and there ..

* Played a couple of songs in France  cover(1)   cover(2)  This was in a small restaurant / open mic, while on a vacation trip with family

* Social media invites to submit my cover songs to www.jamzmusic.com

* Social media invites to audition my covers at SRL Networks and independent music - LONDON

* Invite for joining a local band "The DANGALEROS" as a keyboard player

* Attended NAMM 2017


2016 and prior ..

* Established my social media sites and links , YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, ReverbNation ..etc

* NaderGator dot com website received a facelift , and was dedicated (for music purposes only)

* Original website was created in 2010 as a hobby site for my electronics projects and stuff that I was creating in my spare time .. It had many followers and a dedicated blog / Guestbook ..etc , those old pages are archived now (somewhere here on this website) as I shifted my focus purely on making music ;)

* Dec 24 Released a Club-House style track "PETRA"

* Dec 18 Became an affiliate/partner with "WA Production" , thanks guys!

* Dec 17 Released Future-house-tropical-fusion type instrumental "Field of Roses"

* Dec 15 Released a new EDM-House type instrumental "Captive"

* Dec 2 Invited to perform a virtual audion for "NBC The Voice"

* Dec 1 Released a new DubStep-Trap type instrumental "Anarchy"

* Nov 29 Released my new instrumental "Lil Gangstas"

* Nov 27 Released a new instrumental "Sinking World"

* Nov 25 Received an invite to perform on ITNS Radio Showcase Showdown in Las Vegas

* Nov 20 Released a new CLUB-HOUSE instrumental "BLAST OFF"

* Nov 18 Released a new ALTERNATIVE-ROCK instrumental "Worlds Apart"

* NaderGator is ranked #1 on ReverbNation, Thanks guys!

* Nov 15 Released a new instrumental called "Five Gee (5G)"

* Nov 2 My single "Breaking it" is being played on GlacerFM Radio and also on CollegeUnderground Radio..

* Oct-20 Video-clip in the making for my new single "Breaking it" ..

* Sep 7 working on a couple of new songs, fresh beats and lyrics ..

* Aug 15 released a new instrumental "Awakening" on Spotify

* Aug 1 released a new instrumental "Convulsions" on Spotify

* July 31 Artist interview with "Music Buzz Online" , you can read the article at the link

* July 27 Gave my website a much needed facelift. Yes, I do my own designs, gfx, marketing and everything in between...(music related or technical)

* July 25 released new beat- instrumental "World in Motion" on Spotify

* July 9 NaderGator is ranking at #1 on ReverbNation charts again!

* July 6 Artist interview with the trending music-magazine "GotMusicTalent" you can read the article at the link

* July 4 released new beat/instrumental "in Theory"

* July 2 Single Re-release of my instrumental "Reflections" on spotify and social media(s) 

* June 26  new Single Re-mix of my orig song "Waste of Time (DJ Edit)" on social media(s)

* June 5 Single Re-release of my popular instrumental "On The Run" on spotify

* May 27 "Mechanic Shop" is being reviewed on USA songwriting competition

* May 23 Invite from Coast2CoastLIVE for artist showcase.
  Various Judges from: A&R at Capitol Records | A&R at Warner | A&R at Motown

* May 20 Invite from a UK based Record label, for possible Marketing Collaboration.

* May 10 Working on a new song idea in (Pop/Dance) style, with a producer from Germany .. stay tuned

* Apr 21 Became a registered BMI ARTIST .. (Performing Rights Organization PRO)

* Apr 15 My original song "Mechanic Shop" was played on DJ Masen Radio and Master Class Radio 85.5
  A big thank you to Mr. Manson Miller and Mr. Stephen Bomi

* Apr 10 Invite from a New York based Record label, for a possible Distribution & Marketing Deal collaboration.

ISSA Awards Nomination in 4 catagories: Songwriter of the year, Emerging artist of the year, USA male rising star and Single of the year "Mechanic Shop"

* Feb 8 Invite from a casting agency to participate in NBC "The Voice" in Baltimore

* Feb 1 Released new original single "Life is complicated", in EDM / House style

* Jan 31 My Instrumental "On the run" was reviewed by "Music-Move-It" with good scores, Thanks Mr. Torrio!

* Jan 25 NaderGator is ranked at #1 on ReverbNation charts!

* Jan 20 Released new original single "Ride with me",  in SwaeLee/Dancehall style

* Jan 5 Released my new original single titled "Mechanic Shop" , original lyrics in Rap/HipHop style

* Jan 3 Finished and released my original single titled "3 Days" , in soft Rap/Free style

* Jan 1st Finished and released my original single titled "Waste of time", original  and lyrics in Pop style

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* Jan 18 Successfully monetized my YouTube channel (thx to my digital marketing friends)

* Jan 16 Received my ISNI artist registration certificate

* Jan 10 Released SynthWave 80's style instrumental "Pollution"

Jan 7 Released a Tropical-Dance single "2021 Anthem" this should be the anthem for the new year and hopefully DJ's around the world will pick-this-up and make it an opening music-medley for their shows :)

* Jan 5 Released a pop-dance instrumental "New Dawn"

* Jan 3 Released a pop-dance type instrumental "City Lights"

* Jan 1 Released a Club-house type instrumental "Resolutions"

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